19 November, 2016


Olá! I am a litte red Piaggio Ape here in the harbour of Lisbon. I’m here to provide you with the Best Portuguese Pastries and a lovely ‘Café’ to take with you when you go on a boat tour to see the lovely Lisbon from the waters. My owner is taking pretty good care of me, I’ve got a cooler at the top to keep the pastries cool. And he kitted me out with some fancy wire that allows me to use the electricity here in the harbour! So at this moment that means that I can just chill with my man @ollysuss, he’s taking pictures of me like I’m a celebrity in a photoshoot. I don’t mind, I actually kind of like the attention. Usually I’m quite shy but today I am having a good day I guess it is the late summer feel here in Lisbon!

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