28 November, 2016

Jardim da Torre De Belém, Lisbon

Olá! I am a little fresh Piaggio Ape and today I am feeling IT! It is an AMAZING Wintery day, this means lovely sunshine and a nice fresh temperature. But actually that is not why I am feeling IT today. It’s because today I started just like every other day, I serve orange juice fresh from the tree to your glass. It is the best orange juice and it’s freshly squeezed! All made with oranges from the Algarve, so that’s quite local to Lisbon. So if you are not really feeling it today, or any other day, swing by the Jardim da Torre de Belém where you’ll find me. And after your orange juice fix, you’ll be on top of it before you know it. If not, you can always climb the Torre de Belém (Belém Tower) which is 30 meters high and is one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal. Its build has been completed in 1519(!) and it gives you an EPIC view. @ollysuss should be able you tell you all about the view because I have never been up there! I might be called Ape but do you really think I can climb on top of an old Tower?

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