27 December, 2016

Loch Lomond

Hello! I am a little Barbie Ferrari on this small merry go round. I'm here with my friends; a bunny rabbit 🐰, a small motorcycle 🏍, a yellow moped 🛵, a red double decker bus 🚌 and my mate Thomas the tank engine 🚂. I've got space for two small humans and there is no need for them to fight over where we are going. I'm kitted out with 2 steering wheels they can steer to wherever they want. But actually, we'll all just go in a circle rather than actually going places. While going in circles you can enjoy the great views this place offers. On one side you'll have a shopping 🛒 mall and on the other you have a beautiful landscape 🏞. You should come and have a look for yourself!

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