9 February, 2017

Tesla Amsterdam Service Center

Hallo! I am a tiny red Tesla Model S! Some call me fake, I call myself a more Pure Tesla. I don't have all the fuss, I've got one big battery, one seat, one foot padel and 2 gears: forwards and backwards. Another great thing, I don't have a roof! That is pure driving right there. One with nature! Here at the Tesla store in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, I am surrounded by my big brothers and sisters! The cool thing is, I get played and driven more than them! They are just standing around here and when a little human comes, he/she will jump in and we will race around the store together! Although sometimes there are two little humans and then they fight over who gets to go first and for how long. But then the big human will always come in between and tell them they have to share! Sharing is caring they say! Caring is good, definitely about the environment and that is why we are electric. I'm Red on the outside, Green on the inside!

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