24 February, 2017

Whitecross Street Market, London

Hello! I am a little Renault Twizy. I’m fully electric and did you know, I don’t come in a Right- or Left-hand drive model? I come in one model because my boss always sits in the middle. And if there is another passenger(pet or person) they can sit behind my boss! Anyway, enough about me: Everyday I am parked in spot number 5, it’s the best place and number you’ll find. It is even better that it is right off the Whitecross Street, a great lunch-time market for all your needs. When @alyblenkin comes by, she's always mega happy because she has then picked up a GREAT vegan Buddha Bowl from @buddhabowlvan. Unfortunately they don’t have a little van but I forgive them because they serve delicious food. They do have a lovely old Citroen HY. Anyway, I’m rambling on again! The food is great, it does get busy at lunch time, so make sure you are on time!

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