21 March, 2017

Centraal Museum, Utrecht

Hallo! I am a small hobble cart made from beech, plywood and metal. As you might have recognised, I am designed and built by the famous Gerrit Rietveld. Currently, you can find me at the Centraal Museum of Utrecht, where you can see the Leve De Stijl (Long live De Stijl) exhibition. These days, I might be seen as an art piece but Mr Rietveld has designed me for practical use. For your groceries, kids or anything else that fits. I was created around 1923, just before the Rietveld Schröder House was finished. At the Centraal Museum, kids come and visit and they think I’m a little go-kart or soapbox racer, then they parents have to disappoint them I’m ‘just’ a hobble cart that is more functional. They are mostly disappointed but when I tell them that if they have little tired legs, they can hop in and they parents drag me with them in it along the streets! So that’s pretty useful huh?

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