31 March, 2017

Rijkswaterstaat, Utrecht

Hallo! I am a small red Canta LX! You might have noticed that I am in the Netherlands because I'm surrounded by a truck load of biycles! Currently I am enjoying the sunshine in front of the building of Rijkswaterstaat in Utrecht. Spring is here and I'm loving it! And that brings me back to the bicycles, people are loving it here! Everyone cycles and does this the Dutch way. They chill and are relaxed. They get from A to B! And with this weather, it's even better! The other day it was the first hot day in the Netherlands because it was 20 degrees Celsius in De Bilt! Did you know they make the weather in De Bilt? It's a small town next to Utrecht where you'll find the KNMI. This is the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute, where they do weather predictions. Enjoy the sun!

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