12 April, 2017

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Hallo! I am a little Charlatte TCR! I have to disappoint you, I am not a char(grilled) latte coffee... I am a fully electric airport tractor. I live with all of my blue brothers and sisters at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. At this moment I am buzzing around Pier D with 4 cars of luggage! I'm in a hurry because the flight should be leaving soon. Pier D is pretty cool because if you fly from D6, you get to go ground floor and see the movement of the airport from up close! You'll find that us small cars 🚗 are accompanied by big busses 🚌! But not to worry, also those busses are solar powered here at a Schiphol! They've got at least 130 of them and use them to get passengers from the gate to their airplanes! All with free energy given to us by the sun! Isn't that great?

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