5 May, 2017

Venice City Beach, Los Angeles

Hello! I am a little Volkswagen Beetle. I'm parked just off Venice Beach where my boss is waiting on others to come and learn how to surf 🏄 with @kapowui1. I always wonder why she doesn't take me out for a wave. She always tells me one day it will happen. Today is not that day but it is promising to become a lovely day at around 30 degrees. That's Celsius because I am a European and those things will never change! What has changed is instead of a suitcase I'm holding a surfboard on my roof and I've got a little shark 🦈 at the end of my antenna! I use that to detect and warn my boss if there are any great whites in the water! I also brought my my bicycle lock 🔐, which I have now applied on my front left wheel! That lock will send away all those bastards that want to come and take me for a ride!

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