6 May, 2017

Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles

Hello! I am a little mini Ferrari 330. People say to me that I'm quite special, one because I'm a tiny yellow Ferrari, more about that in a bit. The second reason, I'm painted by Keith Haring. Yes, you can describe it as "marker on vehicle body". But you can also see that it's a dog and lots of little men dancing around on my bodywork! I was painted by Keith at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1984. Next to the 24h legendary race, that year they held a 24h drawing competition and as part of that, you guessed it, I was turned into the way I look right now. To get back to the first point, my full title is SCAF/Mortarini Mini Ferrari 330 P-2 Motorized Child's Automobile. I was built in 1962, created for the 6-10 age group. I got six horses 🐴 on board (6 horsepower) and I have an estimated top speed of 76 km/h. My more recently created little brothers and sister race each and every year at "Little Big Mans" at the Le Mans Classic. About a hundred children aged 6-10 will drive tiny little thermal or electric racing cars 🏎 that might look just like me. I'm talking to much I know but what do you want? The cars next to me are all big and don't like talking to the little guy!

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