14 May, 2017

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Hello! I am a little yellow GoCar. I roam around the streets of San Francisco with my to temporarily bosses onboard. They are hiring me just for a short tour along all the beautiful sights in San Fran. As I say so my self, I'm pretty cool! I've got a little 49cc scooter ๐Ÿ (moped for the Brits) engine made in the land of the Dutch, also in kitted out with 3 wheels and an onboard GPS system with speakers ๐Ÿ”Š that lead you around town! No map needed! Although, my current owners are stubborn. They don't want to listen and use the map all the time! It makes other cars beep and me, and I'm just trying to be small and now in the way of anything! "Sorry! Not sorry!" I always say, because I do pay my taxes and I do have the rights of the road. Anyway; "If you look to your left, you will see the Bison Paddock with a few Bison in them. If you're lucky, they will be close to the fence. But probably they are not because that is an open field and they like trees more." While I just said this to my drivers, they are both looking on the map... Also, did you know that the Golden Gate Park isn't close to the Golden Gate Bridge? And that there is actually another park where the bridge starts (or ends depending on what side you're coming from)?

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