22 May, 2017

Fort Baker, Sausolito

Hello! I am a little white Club Car. It's unknown what specific type of car I am, I guess that makes me unique! Although what you can't really see it that I am surrounded by my little brothers and sisters, that all look the same. We probably hold the world record of the biggest amount of identical siblings in one specific location that is not the dealership, garage or factory that we're made in. We all work at Fort Baker, here near Sausolito. We are stationed at Building 407 (in the background) of which we actually don't know what is inside or what it is used for. Over the past years, I've done some research together with my siblings and we found out this somewhere: "Facing the Parade Ground, Building 407, whose age and original function are unknown." We tracked it back to a drawing made in 1915, where it's being referred to as "Eng.SIO.Corp St.NO" so that didn't make us much wiser. We found another map, dated back to 1945, World War II times. Back then, Building 407 was used as a "antiaircraft searchlight shelter". All sounds pretty dangerous doesn't it? Right now we think it's just being used as a "amazing little cars that are ill and need fixing shelter" because sometimes we see a sibling disappear into the building!

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