26 May, 2017

Liberty Ship Marina, Sausolito

Hello! I am tiny little DragonFlite 95 950mm. What that means in English is that I am a RC (radio controlled) Sailboat ⛵️and I'm very small! My mast is just 1 meter (about 3ft) tall and I'm a bit less than 1 meter in length. I'm here surrounded by bigger boats, ranging from sailboats to massive yachts in the harbour of Sausolito. I'm currently practicing with my boss. He's preparing for the summer so that he can go out to the Bay, not with me in the water but with his bigger boat, Niantic. I teach him the little tricks of sailing and how to manoeuvre from left to right and so on. Maybe one day he will take me out into the Bay where there will be more wind, but he's too scared to let me go to into the "deep". He says I need to grow up and become bigger. But I know I'm ready!

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