28 June, 2017

Santa Barbara, California

Hello! I am a little International Cub Cadet tractor. Officially, I am part the heavy-duty small tractors line from International Harvester Cub Cadet. And if you read Small and Tractor, you might think of a little plastic toy tractor but that is definitely not me! I'm a full on, tiny, little, solid tractor, just not as big as your usual tractor. As might have seen already, I am being carried by my big brother, he's a 1966 International 1000A pickup truck. He's pretty old and I always tease him by saying he's rusty. He then tells me that he's Green. Here at the State Street Nationals in Santa Barbara, he's listed as Green/Rusty so there is no discussion about it anymore. I'm one of the only little moving things here at the car show, which normal for me! We haven't been to European car shows yet but if I hear from other cars that have been, I won't be the only tiny one there. Here in the US I'm quite special, so lets just stay here! Anyway, if you are liking the photos and these little stories, have a look at @hugemovingthings . My big brother is featured on it next to some other HUGE moving things!

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