3 July, 2017

Van Leest Antiques, Utrecht

Hallo! I am a little Rolls-Royce Mondriaan inspired pedal car. I can be found at the Van Leest Antiques shop in Utrecht, where I am surrounded by lots of creepy things! Some people over here have only the top of their head or half a head! It scares me a lot! Just behind me there is a guy with just a torso and you can take all of his insides out! UGH! Anyway, all around Utrecht you can find Piet Mondriaan and De Stijl (inspired) art pieces. Together we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of De Stijl, from Mondriaan to Dutch Design. In Utrecht and in Amersfoort (not far from here!) you'll find exposition, tours and other nice things. Want to do a De Stijl cycling route around Amersfoort? We wouldn't be Dutch if we didn't have got you covered! Even I, this little car, could pedal around the country if a little kid would come and go for a ride with me. Some big cars always ask how much horsepower I have, I then reply: You don't need horsepower if you have little kid-power!

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