7 July, 2017

Hackney, London

Hello! I am a little all electric van/pickup/car thing. I'm here in the streets of Hackney advertising that my boss is a licensed waste carrier. Who knew that you need a licence to carry waste? @alyblenkin probably did, she snapped this photo and she has an eye for recycling and disposing things. This isn't anything to be ashamed of, it's actually something to be proud of. We need to start looking after this planet more and more, and that starts with yourself! So that is why I love my boss, we have this license that allows us to carry waste! That means, if you call us, we can carry it to a place that can recycle it and if necessary disposes it the way it should be disposed. So please do yourselves a favour and give me ring when you've got stuff to get rid off! Not too big, because I'm only a small car, a chair will just fit.

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