8 September, 2017

Design Museum, London

Hello! I am a little Waymo Firefly! I'm a self-driving vehicle, that means I don't have a boss! That's pretty epic right? Previously I was called a Google Firefly but Google didn't want me anymore so they spun me and my family off into Waymo. Talking about spinning, that is not something I can do, I'm sorry! I do have some self-learning capabilities but spinning or laying down donuts 🍩 is not part of that. I'm quite different than other self-driving cars, I have a button inside and that is basically it. A button, a basket for stuff and a little bench. Press the button and you go where you want to go! So what about the outside you might ask? Well, I have multiple sensors and cameras 🎥 on my roof, and in my side 'mirrors'. The '' are there because they aren't really mirrors but just cameras and sensors. Anyway, I'm here in the Design Museum in London, hanging out at the California: Designing Freedom exhibit. It's about the 1960 and tech revolution, hence I'm here! During the night I try to go for a little drive and train my self-driving muscles 💪and in the morning you will find me exactly where I am pictured here. I can't get caught for this, so keep it a secret!

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