11 September, 2017

FLYEfit, Dublin

Hello! What's the craic? I'm a red and white little Subaru Sambar! I'm hanging out here in front of the @flyefit gym in Dublin! My boss is inside pumping some iron💪, he thinks it's necessary. Anyway, sometimes when I talk to people they say "I don't have time to go to the gym!" Then I reply: "But this place here is open 24/7, how much more time do you need?" They aren't happy after that but I have my henge boss protecting me so they won't do anything. Your one @thestevekavanagh snapped this picture recently, he told me that he has a friend that likes small cars, but actually I think he just wanted to show instagram that he's been to the gym! Whatever the truth might be, I know what I think! 💪

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