17 September, 2017

Wilton Way Businesses, Hackney, London

Hello! I am a little all electric Bluecar! What? Yeah I know, I'm painted red but my name is Bluecar. It's even weirder when you realise that I'm a 100% green! I'm fully electric! You'll find me and my brothers and sisters from the @bluecityldn family all over London parked at special "Electric Vehicle" 🚗 parking spots. Those are kitted out with charging stations because we only go about 150 miles, we're supposed to stay within the M25! Our little batteries are of a kind that is called LMP. Apparently it's "revolutionary" and it stands for Lithium Metal Polymer. No idea what that exactly means but who cares. They say it's recyclable so that's pretty good! Anyway, got to go. Someone just walked up and tapped their card on my windscreen!

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