8 October, 2017

Chingford Plains

Hello! I am a little HobbyZone Mini Apprentice S! That sounds like a lot but I’m just a tiny RC Plane with SAFE and DXe Transmitter. I don’t know what that means either but what I do know is that I was ready to fly straight from my previous house, a cardboard box 📦. I’m here together with my boss, who just made it into picture, at Chingford Airfield. You must be thinking, what? Is there an airfield in Chingford? Well, before you start approaching the airfield with your airplane, I will tell you that it is the home ground of Chingford Model Flying Club. You’ll find it on your radar on the Chingford Plains, which is just south of Epping Forest🌳. The airfield has 2 runways(read: strips of trimmed grass) and it is shaped like an X or a +! The CMFC is one of the oldest model flying clubs in England, some might say the world. We hang out here with a bunch of other little planes, some with visible pilot 👩‍✈️ others not! More recently lots of new planey type things have been coming, they look like helicopters but instead of 1 or 2 rotors, they have 4! Some people tell me it is the future of delivery and whatnot. Anyway, I got to shoot off, the radio tower has given permission for take off! Chocks away!

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