24 December, 2017

Covent Garden London

Hello! I am a little Aston Martin Cygnet. An Aston Martin? I hear you think... Yes, a real Aston Martin. You might confuse me with my more common sisters. They are little Toyota IQ’s, you’ve probably seen them around because they are quite popular. I’m rare, one of the rarest cars in the UK, there’s only about a 140 of us registered here. I was born out of EU regulations. Rules were announced for our parents (car manufacturers) to keep to. It was about family (fleet) emissions as a whole, they couldn’t be super high and had to be lowered. My big cousins are all very fast sports cars and so I was born. Anyway, enough about me and my family. My boss is doing some very last minute Christmas shopping. At the moment he’s checking what shops are still open on his iPad! He’s got a big list and is not sure if he can find all the things he needs! Anyway, we’re running out of time. Have a lovely time with your families and friends.

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