31 December, 2017

Boekhandel Dominicanen

Halloo! I am a little yellow taxi. Actually, I am a Gouden Boekjes holder, as it says on my license plates. The books are more known as “Little Golden Books” elsewhere, and came out in the Netherlands in 1953. I am the main character in the book “De Gele Taxi”, that originally is called “The Taxi That Hurried”. It’s written by Lucy Sprague Mitchell, Irma Simonton Black and Jessie Stanton in 1946! That’s a long time ago isn’t it? Well, actually it is not because currently I am parked in the Dominicanenkerk in Maastricht which was built between 1265 and 1270, now that is a long time ago! Since then, this building has been a church, from 1805 it was used as a part storage facility, printers and part school. In 1899 and 1903, they held flower shows in this building! After restorations, in 1928 it became a church again. But then later in the 1980 the Dutchies used it as a... yep. Bicycle storage! They also used it for parties, carnival stuff and an art exhibition space. Since 2006 or so this place has been used as a book store with cafe. And that is how I ended up here with my little golden books!

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