18 March, 2018

Les Coches, La Plagne

Salut, Hej! I am a little Stiga 325 snowblower! I speak Swedish and Norwegian so I’m a bit lost here in the French Alps. Luckily the snow is still similar to back home, it’s white and cold! Some of the French here think I’m a “Hastighet” snowblower but that just means speed! I’ve got a couple of different modes of speed, transporthastighet (transport speed), mycket lätt snö (very light snow), “normal snø” (yep, that’s normal snow) and “våt, tung snø” (wet, heavy snow). And I can also decide if I want to put some shoes around my little tires! As I don’t have any tracks, just wheels, I have to opt for tiny snow chains that help me plough trough the snow in a controlled fashion. I’m based not that high up on the mountain and the snow tends to get quite heavy and slushy, so I need those shoes to be able to keep moving. At this moment I’m resting from all the hard work I have been doing in the past couple of days, I had to clean the terrace at the restaurant I work at. It had been snowing for days and there was at least 50cm snow on the deck!

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