2 April, 2018

Haarlem, Netherlands

Hallo! I am a little Piaggio Ape 50 Europa! You might think I am in Amsterdam but that is not true! I’m in the original Haarlem hanging out in front of our shop here at @samfridayofficial . Sam, my boss, sells intimate apparel. That’s lingerie, comfy lounge wear or swimwear for women and men. It’s all pretty neat! We’ve got amazing swim trunks with boats, lobsters, avocados or rockets (the ice lolly) on them. Anyway, have you been to Haarlem? Here you’ll find the grave of the painter Frans Hals. Head into The St. Bavo Church and you’ll see a sign. What you will also see is an ginormous organ. It’s HUGE. It has about 5000 pipes and it was built in 1738. In 1766 it was played by Mozart, who was 10 years old at the time! Can you imagine? A little Mozart coming to Haarlem to play a massive organ. That church must have been ram packed at the time! And how did Mozart even get to Haarlem? There were no little Piaggio’s around at that time!

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