8 July, 2018

Turin, Italy

Buongiorno! I am a little British racing green Rover Mini! I am one of 2 minis, my sister is parked in front of me. We are a little family travelling around Europe this summer. Currently we are in Torino, Italy having a great time. Yesterday we visited the old Fiat Lingotto factory where you can find a track on the roof. Yes, roof, the top floor of a building! It is a rectangular track with just 2 corners. Back in the days raw materials went into the bottom of the building and cars came out at the top floor where they drove a test lap! At this moment we are parked in the city centre of Turin, do you see the Smart ForTwo being very close to me? Those Smart cars are very useful here in the city because there are sooo many cars! Cars parked everywhere, so it helps to be small! Anyway, you can follow us at @2minis2 and find out more about us and our travel experiences on www.2minis2.com!

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