12 July, 2018


Buongiorno! I am a little REDSPACE REDS office space. Yes, I know, I look a bit different than a normal car! Did you know a normal car is stationary for 90% of its life? I have been designed from the inside out by Chris Bangle and associates. You might know him from previously being Design Chief at BMW. I’m an office space that happens to move around, at least that is what you would say in the future when I have more autonomous driving capability! All seats turn 180 degrees and there is a little foldable desk, ideal for when your stuck in traffic and you still need to hold a meeting or finish that important report! On my head, I got a giant solar panel so that I can keep an air filtration system running without drawing energy from my battery! That allows you to drive wherever you want after you have finished the work you needed to do and the traffic jam has resolved. Anyway, I am currently being assembled here at CECOMP in Torino. Yesterday I had loads of car design students come and have a look at me because they wanted to understand more about the car design process! They didn’t hold a meeting in my office space but they did have a look all around me. One guy noticed I have a tiny diffuser at the back, another noticed that the diffuser isn’t angled correctly so it wouldn’t actually work. Well, we will see about that won’t we? Maybe it’s just for style! Who needs an office space with a diffuser?

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