15 July, 2018

Via Roma

Ciao! I am a little orange Piaggio Ape! I am best friends multiple street cleaners here in Torino. Me and my mates drive them around the city to empty bins, brush the street and so on! A lot of people smoke here so cigarette butts are the most popular to be flicked out on the street or put in the bins. Right now we are on Via Roma, which was first opened at the end of the 16th Century. It was then called “Via Nouva” or “Contrada Nuova”, Nouva meaning New. It was restructured in 1871 and they renamed it to Via Roma, dedicated to Rome. They finished restructuring in 1931 or so. After that they got itchy hands again and planned for a subway to go underneath this street! They never opened it and they decided to use the space they dug below for a car park! I’ve personally never been there but I have heard from friends it is nice!

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