20 July, 2018

Turin, Italy

Buongiorno! I am a little mustard coloured Autobianchi A 112! I’m a “supermini” car based on the platform of the Fiat 127, which is also a tiny car. It is very convenient to be a small car like me because you can park anywhere! Right now, as you can see, I have loads of space in front and behind me but normally I don’t. Most of the time there is a big car just at my front bumper and an even bigger car touching my rear bumper! The big cars bully us little cars. But we taunt them back by racing around town being happy and being able to park almost anywhere! Here in Torino, Italy some bosses of big cars don’t care and just park anywhere. On top of a zebra crossing? That’s fine. On top of two zebra crossings in the middle of a small junction? Even better! Perfect spot to park! I’m just safely parked here, enjoying the evening sun! Ciao!

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