22 July, 2018


Salve! I am a blue Piaggio Vespa! I’m really old but I don’t look that way because my boss keeps me nice and shiny each and every day. As you can see, he is busy on the phone right now, discussing where he’s meeting his friend to have a little coffee. His friend also has a little Vespa! We meet him often here around Lago d’Iseo, sometimes we even go for a ride around the lake but that’s quite far! Over coffee, they always compare us and talk about us, just like they have married us! They sort of did when they bought us 30+ years ago but it’s not written in the law. Anyway, over they years we have had some experiences! We never got stuck out there because I have a spare tire and we are ready for everything! My headlamp even has a little visor at the top so that I won’t blind you during the hours of darkness. My boss is done calling his friend! Ciao!

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