5 August, 2018

Monterosso al Mare

Guten Tag! Buongiorno! I am a little green Piaggio Ape! Why the German and Italian you wonder? Well, as it says on my door I am a "Gepäcktrager". That means luggage carrier! So does "Portabagagli" which is Italian. Si! I speak 3 languages. Quite a lot of such a small car like me huh? I live and work in Monterosso al Mare here in Cinque Terre, Italy. As you might have already guessed, I help tourists with their luggage! The streets here in Monterosso are small, narrow and sometimes steep. It also happens to be HOT here so I am here for those that have heavy suitcases and their hotel is higher up in the village and those who don't want to be extremely sweaty when they arrive at their hotel. Got to go, Tschüss!

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