4 October, 2018

Cologne, Germany

Hallo! I am a little red Elektromobile! I actually don’t move around anymore so not much mobile as you might think. Here in Cologne, also known as Köln, I work for Liebe-bike. You can rent lots of different e-bikes there! Did you see what they’ve done with the name? 👍Great pun! Anyway, something else about Köln that might interest you: the Kölner Dom has the world’s third largest interior. It is huge! Also there is a job called Kölner Dombaumeister, this person is regarded as the second most important person in Köln and is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the cathedral! Because most of the Dom is made out of limestone, every bit needs replacing over the years. And thinking it has the 3rd largest interior in the world, it is a hard job!

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