5 January, 2019


Salut! I am a little Smart ForTwo reindeer. Me and my boss are still in Christmas / Holiday vibes because we love that time of year so much! So we've dressed up, I got a little red nose and antlers. It makes me a stronger car! Currently we are roaming around the shops in Cluj-Napoca in Romania looking for New Years bargains for next Christmas time! I was spotted by @danielablg while my boss was in the shops! I told her that she should also head in because I don't want my boss to buy everything that's avialable. Have you seen my size? I'm small! I can only fit 2 crates of beer in the back and some small stuff on the passenger seat. Most of you might have gotten bigger over the holiday period but that doesn't work for us small cars. We just stay the same small size, unless we get into an accident or go to the bodyshop. Anyway, if you are also feeling that post-holiday-blues, just put back on your Christmas jumper and play "Driving home for Christmas" and pretend it is all about to start next week.

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