13 April, 2019

London, United Kingdom

Hello! I am a little tikes Cozy Truck. I've got a 4x4 drivetrain AND 800HP! At least that is what it says on my license plate. HP usually stands for horsepower but I'm pretty sure I don't have 800 horsepower, maybe it stands for HP sauce. According to my @officiallittletikes brochure, I was born for 18 months - 5 year olds, built for childhood memories and I'm super fun! Unfortunately kids get older automatically and that is apparently when I get discarded. I've just been put out by the trash! I know I'm not in the best state, my steering wheel fell off and my wing mirror is a little bit dirty. But what about the memories we had together? What about the road trips to the playground? What about that time we were stranded out in the rain? Anyway, before I end up on a landfill I'm going to see if I can find a different young driver that would love to drive me around their local playground or garden!

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