16 November, 2019

Onomichi, Hiroshima

Konnichiwa! I am a tiny Suzuki Twin! I was born in a factory near Mt Fuji but not like this! I was a bit taller and slower. Over the years my boss has lowered me and tuned my engine a bit so that I’m faster and better! We live here in Onomichi in Japan where we race around in the hills. There’s lots of tourist cyclists here, I heard that is because you can cycle from island to island. I wouldn’t know because I don’t fit on a bike, I’m too big. That’s strange actually, this is the first time I’ve said I’m to big to do something! Normally I’m always too small or just perfect when stuff needs to be done! Anyway, green light! 🚥 Got to go! Thank you for listening. 🙏 Arigato gozaimasu! 🙏

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