17 November, 2019

Kamiuracho Sakari

Konnichiwa! I am a rusty Daihatsu Hijet microvan. I’m here on Ohmishima Island just off the cycling route between Onomichi and Imabari! I have been here for many years because my boss and I don’t go out anymore... I do have lots of my friends around which is nice. The moped in the front, he’s my Pal. That’s actually his name. See the purple on top of the container on the left? That’s on of the Yamaha Jet Ski brothers. The green in the bottom left? That’s a turtle! Off camera we there is also Woof the dog. We called him that because he only says Woof! Last but not least, my best friend is right next to me. He’s a lot bigger but he accepts me as I am. Small and rusty.

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