31 January, 2020

Speeltuin de Watergeus

Hallo! I am a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe in Pink! I’m a toy car for little people. This little fella, Pim is new to the game! He’s almost 10 months old and this is one of his first times in a little car. I think he’s not sure if he likes it or not. But that’s fine, he has plenty of time to figure that out! As you can see his feet can only just touch the ground, so that’s a start. First he might need to learn how to walk before we can go for a little drive because I work like a Flintstone cars, I don’t have a real engine. Little people’s feet are the engine. Bigger cars with actual engines Pim does like, to use as places to sleep. Sometimes within minutes after departure, sometimes within minutes of arrival at home. Anyway, he’s kinda bored of sitting inside and trying to figure out if he likes it or not. I better let him out!

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