7 August, 2020

Hello! I am a little Subaru Sambar dressed up as an old VW Campervan! Currently you'll find me on top of a flatbed in Hackney. I haven't been feeling so well lately, hence I'm going to get checked up. @andras_ooo found me stuck here on a WHEEL CLAMPED flatbed truck so I guess it might take a while! Great... Anyway, why am I getting a check-up? My panoramic roof is leaking a little and I'm missing 2 shiny hubcaps. Not ideal for a stylish little camper van but no big problem either. My boss told me there is a global pandemic going on right now so we won't go to any meet ups anytime soon. He said we got to keep distance to other people to keep everyone safe! When I asked him how much distance he told me that it differs per country. "Sometimes 1.5 meters, sometimes 2" I'm 1.3 meters wide so when you can't fit me in between you and another person, you are too close! Keep in mind to stay a bit more than 1 little camper van away from others. And please wear a facemask in busy places. If you don't feel well, please get tested and stay safe everyone!

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